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Little Waitrose is a Stores chain represented by 34 Stores in 26 Towns. Most of them are located in London (9 stores), Alderley Edge (1 store), Amersham (1 store), Birmingham (1 store) and Cambridge (1 store).

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Little Waitrose appears to be a convenience format of the Waitrose brand. You’ve already known Waitrose supermarkets and have taken a fancy to them. Little Waitrose preserves the same particular qualities but in a small format.
Little Waitrose proposes groceries, fresh food and seasonal products. It is pleasant to know that little Waitrose offers fresh bakery. There are also other interesting departments. For example, a small gift department for those who are short of time.

Little Waitrose collaborates with proved British producers. You may make some purchases at your beloved Waitrose chain after work. No need to set aside a day to go to a big retail complex in a suburban area. Little Waitrose outlets are completed with cash points if you prefer a cash payment. An important moment is that little Waitrose shops are glad to greet disabled people on wheelchairs and with seeing eye dogs.

Most little Waitrose shops propose you an accompanied shopping. A member of a qualified staff will help to make an appropriate choice. Some Little Waitrose shops suggest carrying purchases to your car. For additional information, phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews of little Waitrose’s branches visit our website.