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Pets at Home is a Stores chain represented by 402 Stores in 366 Towns. Most of them are located in Barnsley (3 stores), Bristol (3 stores), Cardiff (3 stores), Coventry (3 stores) and Hull (3 stores).

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Pets at Home appears to be a chain of pet shops. Pets at Home offers a great array of pet food, accessories and other necessities in more than 350 stores nationwide. Pets at Home workers are experienced experts in pet care and are passionate for animals.
Shopping at Pets at Home can be really joyful. You may come with your children as there are kids workshops at Pets at Home stores. If you come with a dog it is sure to get a biscuit.

Pets at Home cooperates with the best breeders. You can buy puppies and kittens, different birds and fish, reptiles and other animals. Besides Pets at Home suggests other additional services. You can take an expert opinion as for your pet nutrition and further care. At some larger Pets at Home stores there are Vets and Groom rooms.You may get the best flee and worm treating for your pet. As you know all the dogs must be microchipped.That’s why the qualified Pets at Home team will microchip your dog, cat or rabbit in the best way.

Pets at Home created adoption centers for small animals at some stores. You may give a pet a chance to get a family happiness. Near big Pets at Home stores there are car parks and these shops offer a carry to car service.
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