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Virgin Money is a Branches chain represented by 74 Branches in 66 Towns. Most of them are located in London (4 branches), Gateshead (2 branches), Glasgow (2 branches), Newcastle upon Tyne (2 branches) and South Shields (2 branches).

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Virgin Money is a rather young organization. A foundation was done in 1995. The bank suggests all possible services connected with money at over 70 branches. Virgin Money has plans to open its offices at railway stations which will make travelling more easy and comfortable. It has created beautiful lounges where clients can chat, relax and explore Virgin Money products. These are lovely places where you aim to be. At the bank they present transparent solutions. Experts always tell all the necessary information, so no pitfalls are left. Thus you can weigh up the options.

Besides,Virgin Money cares about its staff and a customer treatment is friendly and not pressing. As Virgin Money is an outstanding bank, it offers some interesting solutions. It has worked out a fitting pension scheme acceptable for you and your employee.
Also one can start saving for a children pension with Virgin Money. Besides, Virgin Money proposes a great variety of travel products. They are appealing as discounts and a cherry on the cake are offered. It is also pleasant to know that Virgin Money can charge a credit card in three minutes. The world of purchases is opened in a twink. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for Virgin Money branches on our website.