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One of the leading retail brands in the United Kingdom. Marks & Spencer - one of the largest department stores. The visitors can find a huge selection of food, men's, women's and children's clothing, school uniform, underwear, accessories, household goods, furniture and much more. There's even a grocery department, where you can buy a variety of foods and beverages.The first Marks & Spencer store was opened in 1894 in Manchester. Later the company has become the largest British clothing manufacturer.

There are a lot of departments with clothes, accessories, cosmetics, household appliances, food and many others in Marks & Spencer stores. What is particularly important the quality of goods is very high and the prices are very reasonable. Marks & Spencer stores offer their customers the possibility of obtaining a discount card, which provides a discount of 5% with the purchase of goods, as well as participation in the company's shares. The discounts in the stores can be up to 50%, so it is necessary to monitor for them regularly.

Last time M & S stores have a view of full shopping centers, with cafes, entertainment and great food supermarket. Currently all M & S stores are combined into a single computer network, that allows you to collect information about store and the preferences of buyers, about sold goods quickly. You can find phone numbers, address, opening hours, reviews for Marks & Spencer 's branches on our website easy.