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IKEA is a Stores chain represented by 23 Stores in 23 Towns. Most of them are located in Batley (1 store), Belfast (1 store), Bristol (1 store), Cardiff (1 store) and Coventry (1 store).

What time does IKEA open

Do you want to change the apartment, house or office? Choose a gift? Then you must visit the IKEA Store!
In the shop you can find accessories for stylish, modern living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. A huge selection of furnishings for you on offer: decorative vases, dishes, lamps, clocks, paintings, mirrors. You will enjoy beautiful and high quality furniture IKEA also.These are excellent kitchen, cabinets and chests of drawers, Ikea wood furniture and the best cushions, bedroom furniture, beds, ottomans, jobs with comfortable pull-out elements, notebook stands.

All IKEA-Shops offer standard for the furnishing services: delivery and assembly of furniture, credit processing. You can exchange most of the purchased items in stores within 90 days. You can also order at IKEA stores sewing the textile accessories for your furniture.To facilitate the purchasing process as far as possible, we are ready to help collect goods from the warehouse self-service and carry out their delivery. There is a fun playroom full of toys in IKEA shop. Leave your children in the care of experienced staff. Kids from 3-10 years old can spend up to 45 minutes in free supervised crèche. Come to IKEA with all family! Here you will find: Separate parking space for families with children. Playzone anywhere in the shop; Mother and baby room. In restaurants: a special menu for children; Microwave to warm baby food; convenient corner for care and food.

There are special conditions for barrier-free shopping for consumers with disability. For customers free parking spaces are available. You can also use the bus service "IKEA". Please pay your attention that the shops before the holidays have a special opening time. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours, reviews for IKEA Shop 's branches on our website.

What time does IKEA Batley open10:00
Opening times IKEA Batley
What time does IKEA Belfast open10:00
Opening times IKEA Belfast
What time does IKEA Bristol open10:00
Opening times IKEA Bristol
What time does IKEA Cardiff open10:00
Opening times IKEA Cardiff
What time does IKEA Coventry open10:00
Opening times IKEA Coventry
What time does IKEA Croydon open10:00
Opening times IKEA Croydon
What time does IKEA Dublin open10:00
Opening times IKEA Dublin
What time does IKEA Edinburgh open10:00
Opening times IKEA Edinburgh
What time does IKEA Gateshead open10:00
Opening times IKEA Gateshead
What time does IKEA Glasgow open10:00
Opening times IKEA Glasgow
What time does IKEA Lakeside open10:00
Opening times IKEA Lakeside
What time does IKEA Leeds open10:00
Opening times IKEA Leeds
What time does IKEA Loanhead open10:00
Opening times IKEA Loanhead
What time does IKEA London open10:00
Opening times IKEA London
What time does IKEA Manchester open10:00
Opening times IKEA Manchester
What time does IKEA Milton Keynes open10:00
Opening times IKEA Milton Keynes
What time does IKEA Nottingham open10:00
Opening times IKEA Nottingham
What time does IKEA Southampton open09:30
Opening times IKEA Southampton
What time does IKEA Thurrock open10:00
Opening times IKEA Thurrock
What time does IKEA Tottenham open10:00
Opening times IKEA Tottenham
What time does IKEA Warrington open10:00
Opening times IKEA Warrington
What time does IKEA Wednesbury open10:00
Opening times IKEA Wednesbury
What time does IKEA Wembley open10:00
Opening times IKEA Wembley
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