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Allied Irish Banks is a Branches chain represented by 199 Branches in 79 Towns. Most of them are located in Dublin (37 branches), Cork (31 branches), Galway (14 branches), Limerick (10 branches) and Donegal (8 branches).

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Allied Irish Banks, often named as AIB, is a stable bank. AIB started its modern history in 1966. AIB appeared as the result of a merger of three banks.
AIB serves individuals and legal entities in Ireland and the UK in more than 200 branches. AIB offers various loan and credit programs, mortgages, current accounts for all your needs, charges credit cards and opens various saving and deposit accounts. Besides typical banking facilities AIB helps to plan your financial future. It means that AIB experts will advise how you can invest your money, plan for retirement or education for children, etc.

Also AIB offers insurance programs. You can insure your life, home, car, travel as well as income and inheritance tax. AIB can help to start a pension plan to make your future very happy. If the conditions of Allied Irish Banks are appealing to you it is easy to switch your account to this bank.
Allied Irish Banks proposes its customers two options of switching. You can either switch your current account and get all the benefits or switch only some debits, standing orders and bill payments. AIB promises to arrange everything within seven days. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for Allied Irish Banks’ branches on our website.