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Co-op is a Stores chain represented by 3793 Stores in 1524 Towns. Most of them are located in London (98 stores), Leicester (47 stores), Sheffield (42 stores), Nottingham (41 stores) and Birmingham (38 stores).

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The Co-operative is deemed to be among the greatest food dealers in the UK. The greatest percent of stores in this certain sphere belongs to the Co-operative. Co-operative stores differ in size. You may stumble upon small local as well as medium-sized Co-operative stores. A business philosophy of the Co-operative is to fight in aspects significant for their clients. So the production quality is given a close scrutiny by the Co-operative team.

The Co-operative stores up local farmers determining high demands to the livestock care. Be absolutely sure to buy fresh and high-quality meat, poultry and milk. If you lead a healthy living Co-operative stores will help you a lot. Doing shopping at the Co-operative means making your diet varied and balanced as you can find a large quantity of merchandises and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Co-operative stores rack all for breakfast, baking, different sorts of wine, pastes and even ready meals. And all these at a reasonable price. You will be delighted not only putting desired products in a trolley, but also at a counter. Besides if you spend over 25 pounds in one transaction the Co-operative will deliver your purchases home for free. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for the Co-op branches on our website.