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Family Bargains is a Stores chain represented by 30 Stores in 28 Towns. Most of them are located in London (3 stores), Ashford (1 store), Beccles (1 store), Birkenhead (1 store) and Birmingham (1 store).

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Family Bargains is a chain of cut-price stores for all the family. Family Bargains recently has become a part of the Poundland Family. That’s why a good many of Family Bargains stores were transformed. The changes took customers’ fancy.
On the whole Family Bargains presents a wide range of items, such as food and drinks, furniture and garden necessities. Actually everything you need but at lower prices.

The idea of Family Bargains is selling top branded items at discount prices. Family Bargains pays a lot of efforts to supply all the stores with the same goods. As a result we get the following: if you forget to buy something in one store you can easily find a desired item at the same price in another one. Though Family Bargains is already a discount retailer, it does not forget about promotions for its precious customers. If you think that you can’t buy a fine product at discount prices, Family Bargains will say that you are totally wrong.

Family Bargains takes care about the production quality, tries to present more and more well-known brands and displays new lines for sale. By the way a spacious car parking is a must-have of every Family Bargains store. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for Family Bargains’ branches on our website.