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Farmfoods is a Stores chain represented by 302 Stores in 257 Towns. Most of them are located in Glasgow (18 stores), Liverpool (6 stores), Edinburgh (5 stores), Aberdeen (4 stores) and Manchester (3 stores).

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Farmfoods specializes in selling frozen food. Since its foundation in 1955 Farmfoods has already become a chain of over 300 stores and small shops. Farmfoods stores are located in city centers as well as in out-of-town areas. As Farmfoods remains a family business you can be sure that the experience is constantly growing and the quality of services is changing proportionally. Why frozen food? Farmfoods is strongly convinced that it saves your time and money.

Cooking time of frozen pork, chicken, fish etc. is reduced. Defrost is not needed. By the way frozen food remains fresh in your fridge for a long period of time. You don’t waste your food. Farmfoods claims that you can save up to 250 pounds a year buying frozen food. Different sorts of meat, fish, seafood and fruit and vegetables are always in stock.

Besides frozen food Farmfoods has recently broadened its assortment to groceries, bread and milk and some home appliances. Farmfoods presents well-known brands as well as its own lines. A Farmfoods team is open to your remarks and suggestions and is always ready to adjust the trade, stores and product range to your needs. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for Farmfoods’ branches on our website.