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KFC is a Restaurants chain represented by 945 Restaurants in 451 Towns. Most of them are located in London (51 restaurants), Birmingham (21 restaurants), Bristol (18 restaurants), Leeds (17 restaurants) and Sheffield (17 restaurants).

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2013 in the United Kingdom operated 784 KFC outlets, about 70% are managed by franchisees cafe. The total staff of KFC in the Kingdom has 24 thousand people. About 400 points of sale equipped to issue orders to drivers.
Residents of Great Britain and Northern Ireland annually consume about 60 thousand. Tonnes of KFC chicken, 60% of which the company acquires from four major suppliers, including at Faccenda Group and 2 Sisters Food Group. Fresh meat is available in the cafe at least three times a week. The remaining 40% are purchased from companies from Europe, Thailand (among them - Charoen Pokphand Foods) and Brazil. All chicken dishes for the Original Recipe comes from the United Kingdom.

The basis of KFC menu is fried under pressure seasoned chicken pieces on the bone - Original Recipe. Standard Individual portion includes two or three pieces, family also includes portions of six to sixteen pieces and served in a cardboard bucket.
KFC adapt menus for different countries, so the total range of cafes includes more than 300 items. On a number of markets, including the United States and the United Kingdom, the cafe can get grilled chicken.
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