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Londis is a Stores chain represented by 809 Stores in 292 Towns. Most of them are located in London (135 stores), Glasgow (27 stores), Leeds (14 stores), York (13 stores) and Liverpool (12 stores).

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The Londis chain was founded in 1959. Londis is a multiple store owned by independent retailers. It means that every Londis is adjusted to local customers’ interests. Also if you have some demands or wishes you can express your views at your Londis and the last is ready to implement your ideas. Londis is actively cooperating with local producers so you will find products familiar to you.

At Londis you can find all the necessities for everyday life. Bakery food, dairy products, groceries, frozen food, fresh fruit and vegetables, delicatessen and drinks are presented at Londis. Londis also offers its own brands such as Euro Shopper and Farm Fresh for acceptable prices.
Besides you may do a lot of routine tasks with pleasure just by one visit to Londis. There are cash machines, bill payment services, lottery stalls, newspapers and magazines at Londis. With all these you don’t need to go to a city centre and can save your money and time.

Some Londis stores go even further suggesting dry cleaning services. By the way there are petrol stations nearby some of the Londis shops. Parking lots are also situated nearby. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for Londis’ branches on our website.