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McColl's is a Stores chain represented by 1211 Stores in 428 Towns. Most of them are located in Bristol (42 stores), Bradford (32 stores), Brighton (30 stores), York (30 stores) and Hertfordshire (26 stores).

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McCall’s appears to be one of the largest retailers on the convenience and newsagent market. Besides McCall’s runs Post Offices.The first store of the McCall’s chain was opened in 1906 and since that time it has broadened to over 1370 stores.
McCall’s convenience shops offer their customers a rich array of groceries, drinks, tobacco and sweet goods. McCall’s shops of this format are mainly placed in neighborhood units and are easy to get to.

McCall’s stores of a newsagent format propose a wider range of produce, especially among printed materials. McCall’s newsagent stores have Paypoint services and Post Offices. McCall’s newsagents are located not only in neighborhood, but also in market towns and at high streets. 2/3 of McCall’s stores have cash machines and you may easily take out your money. All the McCall’s shops have customer-facing screens which allow to raise a customers’ independence and improve service standards.

If you are a regular client you may become a member of a Plus club to get more benefits while doing shopping at McCall’s. If you have a Plus card you can get special offers and discounts to save your money.
Owners of Plus cards can take part in in-store competitions. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for the McCall’s branches on our website.