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MoneyGram is a Branches chain represented by 5000 Branches in 318 Towns. Most of them are located in Tilehurst (40 branches), Chichester (39 branches), Bournemouth (35 branches), Glasgow (31 branches) and Coventry (21 branches).

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MoneyGram is a payment service provider. With MoneyGram you can easily send currency to any place in the world. MoneyGram started operating in 1940, but the modern history began in 1998. Since that time it became a multinational enterprise with a striking network of service points in the UK and nationwide. You can find its stalls at Tesco supermarkets, Post Offices,Thomas Cook offices and other big retailers and banks. It makes possible to make use of MoneyGram facilities even at weekends or late in the evening.

MoneyGram proposes sending money in any way you want. No proof of identity is needed if a sent sum doesn’t exceed 650 pounds.The addressee can get the cash in several minutes. For this he needs a tracking number. It will also enable you to control the process. You can make your monthly and all needed banking payments at any MoneyGram office.
Be assured that MoneyGram is completely secure. The fees are extremely low but change depending on the sum and currency. MoneyGram experts always tell all the transaction details before completing a making-up. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for MoneyGram branches on our website.