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Morrisons is a Stores chain represented by 480 Stores in 419 Towns. Most of them are located in Glasgow (9 stores), Edinburgh (6 stores), Leeds (6 stores), London (6 stores) and Bolton (4 stores).

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Morrisons appears to be among the greatest supermarket groups. Morrisons appeared at a UK market at 1899 and at present comprises app 470 stores.To become more appealing Morrisons lowered the prices on basic food and made marketing activities more interesting. Morrisons develops self excitation to raise effectiveness and to shorten queues.

All Morrisons shops are eager to adjust their selling strategy to regional needs and interests. Morrisons presents Party Zones where all the necessities for your celebration are sold. Besides Morrisons offers people with an allergya rich array of produce in a Free From department. You can also enjoy observing food preparing at Morrisons. A loyalty programme of Morrisons turns out to be a remarkable thing.The peculiarity of the campaign is the following: Morrisons adds bonuses for the cash difference if the prices are higher than at rival stores.

Besides simple shopping you may have a rest at a café, drop in a chemist's shop, pass your clothing to a dry cleaner and fill your car in a nearby station. Morrisons plans to increase a quantity of rendered services.
Car parks are always present near every Morrisons supermarket. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for Morrisons’ branches on our website.