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Poundstretcher is a Stores chain represented by 404 Stores in 351 Towns. Most of them are located in Edinburgh (6 stores), Aberdare (3 stores), Belfast (3 stores), Bolton (3 stores) and Bradford (3 stores).

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Poundstretcher appears to be a gross cut price house in the UK. Poundtratcher was started in 1981 and currently it comprises over 400 stores. All Poundstretcher stores have a spacious car parking to arrange cars of all the visitors.
Poundstretcher proposes well known brands at bottom prices ever possible. No need to overpay. The price on bracket at Poundstretcher starts from 49 pennies up to 150 pounds. Poundstretcher displays grocery, games, home appliances, laundry, gardening tools, everyday essentials and much more on its shelves.

Poundstretcher sells over 5,000 various items in different categories. So children and students, single and married, young and elderly people will find the best solution for themselves. Poundstretcher changes the product array in few categories seasonally.
This means that you can get ready for coming holidays or gardening beforehand. Doing shopping at Poundstretcher you will never leave behind your pets.

The Pet Hut functioning under the charge of Poundstretcher proposes a wide assortment for cats, dogs, birds and small animals at ever possible low prices. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for Poundstretcher’s branches on our website.