American Apparel opening times in UK

American Apparel is a stores chain represented by 21 stores in 9 Towns. Most of them are located in London (11 stores), Birmingham (2 stores), Manchester (2 stores), Brislington (1 store) and Nottingham (1 store).

"American Apparel" - American Apparel brand, accessories and casual style shoes. The company emerged in 1997 thanks to Dov Charney efforts in Los Angeles, California. Bright and intriguing products brand is in demand among men and women of different ages who prefer a classic American style everyday clothes. The company not only uses cheap labor in other countries, but also carefully monitors the quality of each stage of production. After creating collections once they arrive at the company's own stores around the world, and only then distributed to wholesale buyers. Thus, the production of "American Apparel" arrives in boutiques almost instantly, which is a unique competitive advantage in the fast paced world of fashion-industry. The range of offerings, you can pick up a jacket, shirt, trousers or tracksuit. Company catalog contains items from quality denim products for outdoor activities, underwear and beach accessories.
The main hallmark of the products of this brand is the fact that it has not applied the label. Moreover, here you will not find any inscriptions, no prints, no additional decorations, such as rhinestones. "American Apparel" exists outside of current trends.
American Apparel is different from the regular competitors Closeouts things past seasons. Thus discounts can reach 60%. Similar products produced brands H & M, Zara, Forever21, Abercrombie & Fitch.
American Apparel stores are located usually in large shopping centers. If a shop is placed not in a shopping center, you can park your car at a nearby parking lot. You will always find a parking lot nearby every store. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours, reviews for American Apparel branches on our website.

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