Austin Reed opening times in UK

Austin Reed is a stores chain represented by 51 stores in 45 Towns. Most of them are located in London (6 stores), York (2 stores), Worcester (1 store), Kingston Upon Thames (1 store) and Walsall (1 store).

Austin Reed - the prestigious English brand, the brand of classic clothing. It founded in 1900. For a long time (until the 1980s) Austin Reed produced only men's clothes. In the 80 years of the twentieth century there was also a line of women's clothing.
'Austin Reed' with all the passion tells its fashionable products for casual style, never for a moment forget about the high quality and attention to every detail elaboration. The brand continues to follow the latest fashion trends all over the world, while remaining ready to any most unexpected turn.
In wartime, the most famous customer was the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, whose brand 'Austin Reed' developed a well-known costume 'Siren' - jumpsuit dress up for air alert to descent to the shelter.
If you want to create an image of a wholly successful business lady or man-businessman, the British brand Austin Reed - perfect for this option. This high quality business clothing for men and women in expensive and perfectly stitched measure. Prices in Austin Reed significantly melted at the spring sale. In addition, when you buy a few things online store Austin Reed offers special discounts and bonuses. In the majority of clothes, presented on sale at Austin Reed, discounts up to 50%. The same discounts as a "one plus one = three." Austin Reed stores are located usually in large shopping centers. If a shop is placed not in a shopping center, you can park your car at a nearby parking lot. You will always find a parking lot nearby every store. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours, reviews for Austin Reed branches on our website.

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