Ben Sherman opening times in UK

Ben Sherman is a stores chain represented by 20 stores in 16 Towns. Most of them are located in London (5 stores), Kent (1 store), South Normanton (1 store), ESSEX (1 store) and Lincolnshire (1 store).
Ben Sherman - one of the most popular brands of the British clothing, combining elements of street fashion and traditional English classics.The official date of foundation of the company Ben Sherman was the 1963's when the first line of men's shirts Sherman's design was released. Brand logo became circular emblem of the Royal British aviation. Marriage Ben crashes, can not be said about his company, already a few years later Sherman moved to London, where now is the company's main office. By 1970 Ben Sherman became one of Britain's leading companies in the production of clothing, catching up in popularity even Burberry.[BR][BR]Now the brand Ben Sherman Oxford Industries belongs to the American company. Now, in addition to the men's collection, which remained the profile, it is available also women and even children. We shirts by Ben Sherman has a few unique details - collar buttoned at the back and fold hinges that can now be seen in the production of Ben Sherman. The brand can be safely attributed to the casual category: the famous polo and impeccable English style like young people all over the world.
Ben Sherman stores are located usually in large shopping centers. If a shop is placed not in a shopping center, you can park your car at a nearby parking lot. You will always find a parking lot nearby every store. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours, reviews for Ben Sherman branches on our website.

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