Booths opening times in UK

Booths is a stores chain represented by 25 stores in 20 Towns. Most of them are located in Blackpool (3 stores), Preston (3 stores), Lytham (2 stores), Ripon (1 store) and Settle (1 store).
Booths is a major supermarket chain popular in England. The history of the Booths brand started in 1847. At that time Edwin Henry Booth opened his fist stall. Soon a range of products was broadened and new filial shops were opened.
Booths stores vary in size but in every shop you can buy food, beverages and tobacco. Booths keeps a strict watch over the products quality. But if you have a quality complaint, you may return your packaging to any Booths store. At that time Booths stores don’t forget about discounts which are applied to all product groups to gladden their clients.

Booths stores are opened to local sourcing and strain after innovations. A qualified and united store staff is not of little importance for the Booths company. That’s why good service is guaranteed. Booths stores present their own “Fair Milk” label. Milk comes to every shop from local farmers. Also Booths developed cafes are situated at stores. They mostly use products from small local manufacturers. One more interesting schtick about Booths stores is that they invite their customers to use a reusable cup when getting a coffee to take away. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for Booths’ branches on our website.

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