Crocs opening times in UK

Crocs is a stores chain represented by 20 stores in 11 Towns. Most of them are located in Manchester (5 stores), London (4 stores), Dunfermline (2 stores), Cardiff (2 stores) and COVENT GARDEN (1 store).

CROCS is an American brand, whose objective is the quality of our products. The popularity of this brand is due to feature the design of shoes, its convenience and healthful characteristics.
The unique design of all models was developed by an American entrepreneur George Bodeker. The first collection of Crocs shoe was introduced in 2002 to the beach, which has brought us tremendous success. Crocs are so pleased customers that their popularity is rapidly increasing. As a result, sales have increased significantly, and the CROCS brand has become quite well-known and pleased customers with new and new collections.

In hot weather, this shoe will provide freshness and coolness of the feet due to air permeability. A model able to withstand winter temperatures down to -20 degrees. At the same time care for all models is quite simple and does not require much effort. They can be washed under running water or wash in the washing machine. Among the assortment of the brand of shoes you will find a great variety, namely the classic clogs, shoes and boots, ballet flats and sandals, flip-flops and slippers, house shoes with soft tabs, children's shoes, as well as original decorative things Dzhibits.
Crocs stores are located usually in large shopping centers. If a shop is placed not in a shopping center, you can park your car at a nearby parking lot. You will always find a parking lot nearby every store. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours, reviews for Crocs branches on our website.

In the UK we found 20 official stores "Crocs".

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