Makro opening times in UK

Makro is a stores chain represented by 29 stores in 28 Towns. Most of them are located in London (2 stores), Croydon (1 store), Washington (1 store), Sheffield (1 store) and Rayleigh (1 store).
Makro is a cash and carry. Makro in the UK is a part of a global chain. Makro was established in the United Kingdom in 1971. Makro comprises 30 stores across the country, which propose top products at wholesale prices.The assortment at Makro stores includes food and other goods. Makro offers fresh meat and fish, wines, groceries, clothing, modern electronics, office appliances and many others.

Very many brands are presented at Makro. At Makro you may find Casio, Finish, Nestle, Xerox, Cif and a lot of other brands. Makro guarantees high quality ever possible for the price on the entire number of offers. Makro doesn’t forget about advantageous promotions for its precious customers.
If some quality issues arise, the Makro team will labour the point and suggest you to return or replace your purchase or some other ways out. An average citizen can not shop at Makro. A Makro card for shopping is needed.

Makro cooperates with other independent entrepreneurs or their representatives. Sometimes a Makro team can arrange a delivery of your purchases but all the details are individual. For additional information, phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews of Makro’s branches visit our website.

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