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McDonald's is a Restaurants chain represented by 1159 Restaurants in 603 Towns. Most of them are located in Edinburgh (25 restaurants), London (21 restaurants), Glasgow (19 restaurants), WESTMINSTER (19 restaurants) and Birmingham (18 restaurants).

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The company was founded in 1940 by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald (first restaurant opened in San Bernardino, California), in 1948 the world's first formulated the principles of "fast food" concept.
In England there are 1,200 branches of restaurants "fast food" McDonald's. Under the McDonald's trademark operated 32,060 restaurants in 118 countries. Of these, a significant part was driven by franchising.
The range of dining options including burgers (including the "Big Mac"), sandwiches, fries, desserts, drinks. In many countries in the network restaurants sell beer. In McDonald's restaurants, sometimes there are seasonal dishes that are on the menu for two or three months, then disappear (but sometimes return after a while).
Keep in mind that «McDonald's» - franchise company, Menu in different countries at the discretion of companies licensed the rights to the franchise in these countries. Thus, it may be quite different in different countries menu; For example, in Israel «McDonald's» sells falafel and kebabs in lafe (called "MakKebab"). In England, we see the standard «McDonald's» menu - burgers, cheeseburgers, double-cheeseburgers, Big Macs, burgers and other products of the restaurant.It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours, reviews for McDonald's branches on our website.