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In the GB of 1956 Cafes, 3 companies. The biggest: SUBWAY (1944 cafes), Booths Tea Rooms (9 cafes) and Fortnum & Mason (3 cafes).

Four Kids and It review – pedestrian take on a magical fantasy [05 04 2020 05:30:18]

Michael Caine’s distracting voiceover does nothing to improve this uninspired adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s children’s taleBased on a Jacqueline Wilson novel that is itself inspired by the children’s classic by Edith Nesbit, Four Kids And It is a mashup of contemporary tropes – blended families and celebrity ambitions – with the timeless device of a cantankerous, wish-granting sand troll. The Psammead is a lop-eared, trash-hoarding grouch, with the wisdom of the ages and the voice of a used car salesman. The voice, provided by Michael Caine, is the issue: too distinctive, too distracting, too geezerish to sit comfortably in the squat, hairy form of an ancient mystical creature, it drains what magic there is out of this workmanlike fantasy. Related: Jacqueline Wilson: 'I've never really been in any kind of closet' Continue reading... Continue reading...

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